Types of Glass
Which Glass?

Information in this page is based on "The Glass Guide" by Pilkington. For additional information visit the Pilkington Glass website.


The thickness and type of glass used in windows and doors are generally determined by design criteria, performance and building codes.

Most standard residential windows are fitted with clear float glass, in thickness ranging from 3-5mm. In some instances, such as over a bath or spa, building codes may require toughened glass to be used.

Doors are generally fitted with 4 or 5mm clear toughened glass or 6.38mm clear laminated glass.

Types of Glass

Float The most common type of glass. When broken it shatters in slivers.
Toughened Grade A safety glass
Heat treated for extra strength.
When broken it breaks into small granules.
Laminated Grade A safety glass
Float glass separated by a special membrane, giving extra strength.
When broken, the membrane holds the glass together.

Which Glass?

Choice of glass is one of the more important decisions for your new home or home addition.

Correct choice of glass can assist you maximize natural light while minimizing heat and glare, or reducing heat loss during winter.

Correct glass also helps to:

Some of the options available are summarised below.

Pilkington ComforTone ®

An economical solution to reducing the amount of the sun's heat entering through your windows and doors. It reduces glare, provides added privacy and, when laminated, reduces furniture fading by blocking UV radiation.

Use in all rooms with large north or west facing walls.

Colours: grey, bronze, green
Available in: Float, toughened or laminated glass
Pilkington Evergreen ®

Provides superior protection from glare and UV radiation.


Pilkington Comfort Plus ®

6.38mm laminated glass with a special coating that provides superior thermal properties - reducing summer heat entering your windows in summer and retsining warmth in winter. This saves energy costs and reduces UV penetration which greatly lowers fading of your furnishings.

As a laminate product it is a Grade A safety glass. It also significantly reduces noise entering through your windows.


Pilkington LamGuard ®

This comprises 2 panes of glass bonded together by a clear vinyl interlayer thicker than normal laminated glass.

It provides a barrier much harder to break than ordinary glass.