How to Choose your Windows and Doors

Two Key Considerations
Guide to Selection
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Windows and doors are an integral part of the structure of your home.

We urge you to thoroughly research your windows and doors. Too often we find that people leave it too late and choose their windows and doors in haste, only to find later that they could have made a better choice. Once the house is built it is too late to make changes!

There are two key considerations:

  1. The style of window or door to best meet your requirements. There is a huge range available these days and almost anything can be achieved.

  2. The brand of window or door. While there are many similarities in what is available, you need to thoroughly research the market. Price is not the only issue. Features and functionality are equally important. Simple things are easily overlooked. For example:

At Window Warehouse we are an authorised reseller for a range of brands of windows and doors and can advise on those which might best meet your needs.

Guide to Selection

As a guide to selection, we suggest you consider the following:


How much, where from. Side or centre opening. Hinged or double hung windows. Consider Louvres.


Do you need tinting to reduce glare or heat?


If this is a factor, consider thick glass or laminated glass or perhaps double-glazed.


Do you need restricted openings? Is safety (toughened) glass required?


Do you need fly or security screens, now or later?


Consider lockable sashes, vent locks.


There is a wide range of powdercoat colours. Fashions come and go (remember 'Mission Brown"?). Perhaps an enduring, neutral colour might be best. Standard colours are less costly.


How will the windows / doors be fixed? Are reveals required?

Wind Loading & Water Rating

You may need to talk to your local authority. Australian Standards may be helpful as a reference.

Standard Sizes

If your construction allows, select standard size windows and doors as these are less costly.

Need Help ?

We invite you to telephone us to arrange for a free on-site assessment or to visit our Showroom.